Some say it’s hot while others think it’s mild but there’s only one way to find out! Add it to your menu.

Specially made for foodservice, hospitality and catering businesses we combine the goodness and flavours of a special bean blend with quinoa, spices, chilli and jalapenos to make this vegie pattie. This provides an easy way to prepare authentic, delicious and spicy Mexican-style snacks or meals any foodie will enjoy.

As well as its colourful appearance and amazing flavour it’s a great healthy menu choice. It’s a good source of fibre (of course!), a source of plant-based protein, low in fat and saturated fat and low in sugar.

For a meal made in heaven combine the Spicy Bean and Quinoa vegie pattie with fresh salads and your special vegan or non-vegan yoghurt or sour cream in a bun or wrap!


Product Information

4.5 star health rating
Source of protein (≥ 5 g/serve)
Good source of fibre (> 4 g/serve)
Low in fat (≤ 3 g/100 g)
Low in saturated fat (≤ 1.5 g/100 g)
Low in sugar (≤ 5.0 g/100 g)

Beans (48%), vegetables (15%), quinoa (12%), maize starch, tomato, rice flour, chilli (2.4%), garlic, vegetable oil (canola), raising agent (450,500), vegan stock powder, vegetable gum (guar).

Vegie Magic Spicy Bean & Quinoa Vegie Patties Health Star Rating

Vegie Magic Spicy Bean & Quinoa Pattie Nutritional Panel

Vegie Magic Spicy Bean & Quinoa Vegie Patties Australian Ingredient Content

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