Chickpea & Lentil Vegie Burger Pattie

Healthy, Quick & Delicious, Meat, Egg, Dairy Free - Vegan

Our Chickpea and Lentil veggie patty brings the colour and life of South Asia to your daily table and will convert your meat-lovers to vegetarian food!

The veggie burgers have the taste and texture of an Indian-style Samosa. They are made by blending mild curry spices with wholesome chickpeas, lentils and a vast array of vegies. They are as good as (if not better than) homemade. They need few very condiments to enjoy but, if you want to be more creative, they are a great flavour and texture base to build from when combined with chutneys, relishes, and natural yoghurt.

The Chickpea & Lentil patties are low in sugar, have a 4-star health rating, contain 1.5 standard serves of veggies and legumes, are a source of protein, a good source of fibre and low in fat and saturated fat.

Retail products

2x150g tray
150g individual patties
6x150g bag

Foodservice products

150g burger patties

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1.5 serves of vegies
4-star health rating
74% vegies, chickpeas and lentils
Source of protein (≥ 5 g/serve)
Good source of fibre (> 4 g/serve)
Low in fat (≤ 3 g/100 g)
Low in saturated fat (≤ 1.5 g/100 g)
Low in sugar (≤ 5.0 g/100 g)

Vegie Magic Chickpea and Lentil Vegie Burger Patty Health Star Rating
Vegie Magic Chickpea and Lentil Burger Patty Nutritional Panel

Nutritional information is for pre-cooked product as supplied.
Cooking methods may alter the final composition.

Meat, Egg, Dairy free - Vegan

Vegetables (31%), chickpeas (30%), lentils (13%), wheat flour (wheat flour, raising agents (450, 500)), breadcrumb (wheat flour, salt, emulsifier (471)), herbs and spices, vegetable oil (canola), sugar, salt, garlic.

Contains gluten

May contain soy, lupin

Vegie Magic Chickpea and Lentil Vegie Burger pattie Australian Ingredient Content

Quickly Reheat and Serve

Sandwich press

Preheat sandwich press
Remove vegie pattie from refrigerator
Cook for 5-6 minutes
to reheat to 75 deg C
To reheat from frozen
allow 3-4 minutes more

Pan Fry or BBQ

Preheat pan or barbeque plate
Remove vegie pattie from refrigerator
Cook 5-7 minutes each side
to reheat to 75 deg C
To reheat from frozen
allow 3-4 minutes more

Oven Bake

Preheat oven to 200 deg C
Remove vegie pattie from refrigerator
Cover vegie pattie with foil
Cook for 10 minutes


Remove vegie pattie from refrigerator
Place in microwave container
Cover with wrap or container lid 2-3 minutes for 700W, 100% power
To reheat from frozen allow 30-60 seconds more

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Many stores sell the vegie burgers as individual patties or bulk packs from the deli section. You'll also find them in our tray packs in the deli or chilled food sections of the store.

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