Potato Rosti Bites

Healthy, Quick & Delicious
Meat Free - Vegetarian

Rapidly growing in popularity for their amazing flavour and versatility our 4-star health rated potato rosti bites are increasingly being used by foodservice, hospitality and catering businesses.
They are quick and easy to prepare either as they come or as a base for creative canapes and sides.
Loved by vegetarians - they're meat free - and extremely popular with gourmet food lovers no matter what their food preferences may be. 
Take your menus to the next level by including Vegie Magic potato rosti bites on the table. 

4-star health rating
87% vegies
Low in fat (≤ 3 g/100 g)
Low in saturated fat (≤ 1.5 g/100 g)
Low in sugar (≤ 5.0 g/100 g)

Vegie Magic Potato Rosti Bites Health Star Rating
Vegie Magic Potato Rosti Bites Nutritional Panel

Nutritional information is for pre-cooked product as supplied.
Cooking methods may alter the final composition.

Meat free - Vegetarian

Potato (78%), onion, wheat flour (wheat flour, raising agents (450,500)), egg, salt, pepper, vegetable oil (canola).

Contains gluten, egg, sulphite

Vegie Magic Potato Rosti Bites Australian Ingredient Content